Get Your Cadence On!

by Hungry Hearts Club

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This album was created to accompany a 30 minute bike ride. However, movement of any kind (running, hopping, skating, etc.) will suffice. MOVEMENT is the key to getting your cadence on. In order to enjoy this album to the fullest, follow these seven easy steps:

1. Download album.
2. Put it on a your phone or mp3 device.
3. Grab your bike (or shoes, skateboard, pogo stick, etc.)
4. Pick a direction.
5. Put your headphones on.
6. Press play.
7. MOVE.

I didn't intend to get preachy with this album BUT consider this my friends:

"Bicycle-caused greenhouse gas emissions are 10 times lower than passenger-car-caused emissions. (Yes, the fact that cyclists probably eat more was also included in the calculations.)"


You could be part of the solution to reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in your community.


released January 16, 2014

All sounds and samples created by Fletcher Yancey

Samples used on Part 1(in order of appearance):
"Everyday" by Buddy Holly
Clips from "How a bicycle is made" by Raleigh Bikes (1940)
Clips from "Drive your bicycle" (1954)
"Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out" by Dr. Timothy Leary
USC Cadence (2005)
"Alone Together" of Music For Lovers Only
Clips from "Henry Miller & Anaïs Nin on Death and Dreams".

Samples used in Part Two (in order of appearance):
"This is Thunder" by Baba And His Band Brooks / Dingle Brothers
"Heatwave" by Pseudo Kids
"Tranquility" by Phil Coulter
"What is there to say?" by Bill Evans
"Tranquility" by Phil Coulter

Mastered by Chris Chaires (Thanks so much!)
Special thanks to Scott Kauffmann for letting me use his computer (Scott DAMN!)



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Hungry Hearts Club Gainesville, Florida

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Track Name: Part One - Exploration
"And that's the only death. That's the real death. Not this death when you depart the body but being dead while you're alive. That's real death"